Wherever Galaxy’s Project Locates Will Become an Urban Center——Galaxy WORLD Debuts in Xuanwu District, A New Urban Center is Forming

On July 12th, the conference entitled “Xuanwu New Center Galaxy WORLD Brand Launch Conference” was successfully held at Zijin Mountain Villa in Xuanwu District, Nanjing. The conference was jointly organized by Nanjing Xuanwu District People's Government, Nanjing Tiebei Hongshan New Town Management Committee, and Galaxy Holding Group. More than 600 people from all over the country, including science and technology enterprises, top experts in industrial technology research, top investment institutions, banks and mainstream media gathered in Nanjing Xuanwu New Center to witness the grand debut of Nanjing's new urban center in the future, Galaxy WORLD.

Qian Wei, Deputy Secretary and District Head of the Xuanwu District Committee of Nanjing and Yao Jingyuan, Special Researcher of the Counsellors' Office of the State Council, Vice President of the Investigation Center of the Counsellors' Office of the State Council, and Vice Chairman of the National Statistical Society of China were invited to make opening speeches.They analyzed Nanjing’s development trends from a macro perspective. In addition, various speakers shared their points of view about Galaxy through keynote speeches, performances, and other presentations. The speakers revealed new models of the development of the Galaxy WORLD Industrial Park and outlined the future grand plan of a New Center in Xuanwu District, Nanjing. The speakers included Feng Guanping, founder of the graphene industry, founding president of Shenzhen Tsinghua University Research Institute, and Chairman of Shenzhen Grahope New Materials Technology; Zuo Chun, researcher and research supervisor of the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chairman and President of Sinosoft; Ge Peijian,former General Manager of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Executive Vice President of CATIF; Chen Jinsong, Deputy Director of the Urban Development Committee of the China Real Estate Association, member of the Expert Committee of Real Estate Valuation and Real Estate Brokerage ofthe Ministry of Construction, Chairman of Shenzhen World Union; Lu Chuan, Dean of the Satellite Industry Technology Research Institute of the University of Electronic Science and Technology, Chairman of Chengdu Guoxing Aerospace Technology; Huang Jianing, Vice President of China Real Estate Development at WalMart; and Zhao Ruirui, a former Chinese women'svolleyball athlete and Olympic champion.

Opening-upand innovating: Building a new urban center in Xuanwu District together

At the beginning of the conference, Qian Wei, Deputy Secretary and District Head of Xuanwu District Committee of Nanjing gave a welcome speech. She first expressed a warm welcome to the occupants of Galaxy World,then and she emphasized that Xuanwu District is a key part of the provincial capital. In recent years, efforts have been made to promote the innovative economic development of both “region + people”. Tiebei Hongshan New Town is the industrial park with the largest area, the science and technology space, and the development potential, and Nanjing Galaxy WORLD is located there. In the future, Xuanwu District will build a “New City” development in Xuanwu with urban-industry integration, preferential governmental policies, and high-tech developments in various areas such as transportation, the natural environment, and industrial policy support.

In his opening speech, Huang Delin, Vice President of Galaxy Holding Group, said that Galaxy regards urban development and promoting cities’ revitalization and upgrading as its mission.In the future, Galaxy will join hands with its partners to contribute to building Nanjing into an innovative city.

Yao Huiqiong, Vice Chairwoman and President of Galaxy Holding Group, chronologically presented Galaxy’s great undertaking and brilliant achievements of over more than 30 years. She said that Galaxy began in Shenzhen and achieved brilliant results inits golden age. Starting as a local company, Galaxy marched forward regardless of hardships and always advanced with the country,the times, and Shenzhen. Today, Galaxy's business covers 23cities across the country, with total assets exceeding 100 billion RMB and a team that includes over 6,000 elite professionals. It has focused on the five business sectors of real estate, finance, industry, commercial property and property management and has emphasized multi-industry cooperation, professional operations, and collaborative development. Taking an activetransformation from an "urban space constructer" to a "leading urban development operator", Galaxy has become a leading private enterprise in China.

"Wherever a Galaxy Project Locates Will Become an Urban Center" Ms. Yao Huiqiong’s speech demonstrated conviction, firm beliefs, and a pride of strength.

Yao Jingyuan, Special Researcher of the Counsellors' Office of the State Council, Vice President of the Investigation Center of the Counsellors' Office of the State Council, and Vice Chairman of the National Statistical Society of China analyzed the situation from a macro perspective. He believes that the key to accomplish the Two Centenary Goals of the country is to bring about the transformation of China's economy,namely, turning high-speed growth into high-quality development, and achieving innovation, openness, environmental friendliness, and high quality. He thinks Galaxy is an excellent enterprise that has undergone high quality development and has the development values of “seeking innovation and a forward-looking vision”. He believes that Galaxy WORLD’s debut in Nanjing will surely attract innovative and entrepreneurial talent in Nanjing, China, and even the world,and contribute to the growth of the region and meet people’s needs as they seek to improve their lives.

Galaxy WORLD: a smart industry platform empowered by scientific innovation

Galaxy has been chasing its dreams for more than 30 years. In 2011, it entered the industrial real estate sector. After ten years of development, it has made significant achievements. Galaxy has pioneered the innovative development model of "integrating industries, city, investment, and financing" and shaped Shenzhen Galaxy WORLD into a benchmark nationwide project known as “a new frontier for industry,talent, and tax”. All of this is inseparable from the efforts of Galaxy’spartners. Now, Nanjing Galaxy WORLD is debuting and it will also attract a group of outstanding science and technology enterprises, R&D centers, top investment institutions, and more. This will start a general trend, focusing on Xuanwu,and Nanjing Galaxy WORLD will create the Nanjing Internationalized Comprehensive Ecosphere with the power of its knowledge and capital.

As a keynote speaker of the conference, Feng Guanping, founder of the graphene industry, founding president of Shenzhen Tsinghua University Research Institute, and Chairman of Shenzhen Grahope New Materials Technology,showed the possibilities for the application of graphene on the spot and expressed that his cooperation with Galaxy is based on"innovation and fate". He believes that the development of high technology requires not only a cutting-edge research team, but also a platform that provides comprehensive industrial services like Galaxy WORLD to supplement the shortcomings of the research team's marketization. He also stressed the  importance of smart industry platforms empowered by Galaxy WORLD’s scientific innovation.

As a long-term strategic partner of Galaxy, ZuoChun, researcher and research supervisor of the Instituteof Software in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chairman and President of Sinosoft, explained that Galaxy has created a new engine of innovative economics with its pioneering “alliance sharing” concept and integrated management model that combines real estate, industries, finance, and capital operations. He also detailed why Galaxy has attained an industry-leading position to attract enterprises, retain talent, and increase tax revenue, thus achieving socially responsible development among industries, cities, and people.

Galaxy WORLD,a large-scale complex integrating production life and ecosystem.

Ge Peijian, former General Manager of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Executive Vice President of CATIF, has a long history with Galaxy. As an old friend of Galaxy, he emphasized that Galaxy WORLD is a “large-scale complex integrating production life and ecosystem”.That is to say, following the concept of industry-city integration and the integration of "production and life in one ecosystem", Galaxy WORLD is a next generation industry-city complex with comprehensive functions, all-inclusive business formats,and persified property forms. As an active participant in China's urban construction industry, Galaxy breaks the single-focus and limitations oftraditional industrial parks and science parks, and innovatively creates large-scale complexes and comprehensive ecological circle integrating production life and ecosystem.

Chen Jinsong, Chairman of Shenzhen World Union, said that he has cooperated with Galaxy for 23 years. Galaxy's integrity and professional reputation is well-known in the industry. Today, Galaxy is no longer a traditional real estate developer. Galaxy is involved in real estate, industry, finance, business, and properties. It actively invests in the downstream areas of the real estate industry in China and is far ahead of traditional real estate developers.

Galaxy WORLD, making life in the city wonderful

In October 2018, Galaxy teamed up with Chengdu Guoxing Aerospace Technology and successfully launched Galaxy, the first satellite of the world's first commercial AI satellite constellation, laying a solid foundation for "space + cityoperations" industrialization. LuChuan, Dean of the Satellite Industry Technology Research Institute of University of Electronic Science and Technology, Chairman of Chengdu Guoxing Aerospace Technology, was invited to participate the event and share hisopinions about the significance of commercial aerospace for urban development and making urban life better. He said that Galaxy has been involved in the entire chain of industries related to commercial aerospace, it has a strategic vision,and he is willing to work with Galaxy to strengthen the construction of smartcities.

As a representative of Galaxy’s business partners, Huang Jianing, Vice President of China Real Estate Development of Wal-Mart,shared his feelings about the cooperation of international brands locating in Galaxy WORLD. Also, Zhao Ruirui, Galaxy’s celebrity experience officer, former Chinesewomen's volleyball athlete, and Olympic champion, shared her wonderful experience of living in Galaxy WORLD.

Win-win cooperation: Nanjing Galaxy WORLD sets out again

Nanjing Galax yWORLD builds on Galaxy’s rich experience of more than 30 years in urban development. The total area of the project is about 600,000 m2, and it is Galaxy’s first industry-city integration project in the East China region. The project is designed based on the concept of “One Axis and Two Centers:Industry-Urban Integration”. It is an industrial park supporting the whole lifecycle of enterprises with business formats such as“industry-university-research sites, maker spaces, business incubators,enterprise accelerators, and corporate headquarters”. Nanjing Galaxy WORLD is creating an industrial leading position so as to attract enterprises, retain talent, and increase taxes at the New Center of Xuanwu District through Galaxy’s model of industry-city integration and its seven high-end business formats. It plans to provide an internationalized comprehensive living environment for elite urban professionals and it will surely become a destination for innovative talent, a gathering place for innovative projects, and a place for innovative enterprises to succeed.

Finally, Galaxy entered into strategic cooperation agreements at the event with eleven high-quality science and technology institutions, R&D centers, incubation bases to establish important bases in Nanjing Galaxy WORLD,including the Relocation Agreement of the East China headquarters of the Grahope Group, the Relocation Agreement of Sinosoft International Innovation Headquarters, and the establishment of the Nanjing Hotland Galaxy Venture Capital Fund.



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